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Lucas Warthen

With early Jewish and Christian art, there is a drastic difference that we see as compared to pieces we have looked at in the past. A major thing is the lack of sculptures – many sculptures from other eras were dedicated to gods or deities, so it makes sense that there are much less in this era. This is in part due to the fact that the Christian god isn’t ever seen, only Jesus is. In some places (not seen in any of our wings) there are sculptures of Mary, Jesus, and more, but none of God. This goes with their beliefs of him being an unseen and fearful god. In paintings, mosiacs, and the like, again there are no depictions of God himself, but instead images of those impacted by his miracles / actions. The fact that none of the Christian / Jewish art is dedicated to any gods / God himself is what makes it in line with their second commandment.