Grant Proposals

Each proposal should consist of a written document supported by visual material. More specific instructions will be sent out a week before each grant proposal is due.


Written Document

At least two pages of text, double-spaced, 12-point font.


Visual Material

This can be a short video, slide show, or other media to accompany the written document.


Your proposal should include the following information

  • Description of the object, materials, and place of origin.
  • Demonstration of relevance to course material.
  • Discussion of the cultural, political, social, and geographic context.

In short: WHAT, WHERE, WHO, and WHY


Please email completed proposals to



How many works of art should I choose? A: Just one. If you want to bring in additional works as comparative material that is fine.

Can the work be one already in the course museum? A: No. Choose a work that is not already part of the course material. There are many places on the internet to look for works – a good place to start is the Metropolitan Museum’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History.

Do you need a separate visual file? A: Yes, your visuals should be more than just an image of the piece you selected. You should also include also include images of related items from our class and any other images that help strengthen your argument.