ART F261X — Discussion Forum Instructions

25% of final grade

Every week you will be asked to reflect on and respond to two discussion questions and post your contribution to the topic on the appropriate Slack channel. Your contribution to the topic should be clear, complete, and accurate. This assignment also requires that you read the answers posted by your classmates and each week respond to at least two of those postings.

Grade Breakdown:

  • Two posts: 40% each, total of 80%
  • Responding to your classmates: two posts of 10% each, total of 20%

Your answers and responses must be posted no later than 11:59PM on the Sunday of each week.   Late discussion responses and replies will receive NO credit. Do not wait to the last minute to post your answer! Posting early allows you to write thoughtful answers and to be the first one to make important points. Posting early also ensures that you will not miss the deadline.

I strongly recommend that you carefully compose your answers on a word processing program. Before posting your answers, check them for spelling and grammatical errors, then save them, and then copy and paste them to the Slack channel. It is important that you save your document in your word processing program before you paste it to the discussion board. If, for whatever reason, the Slack channel “eats” or “loses” your answer, you can just cut and paste it on the channel again if your answer has been saved on your computer. (“Slack ate my answer” is not a legitimate excuse in this class!)

In addition to writing your own answers, each week you will compose a response to at least two answers posted by another student. In your replies to other students you can:

1) Expand on or clarify a point made in the answer.

2) Offer an additional argument to support a position taken in an answer.

3) Suggest ways in which an idea could be more clearly expressed.

4) Identify passages where you think the writer misunderstood a concept or applied it incorrectly.

5) Disagree with a point or position made in an answer. If you are disagreeing with the views of another student, please be constructive and respectful in your response. You may criticize a position but not the author. Offer reasons why you think their view is incorrect and support your position by citing the text or other sources.

While there is no required word count for these postings your post or response must adequately address the material being discussed.