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Aubri Stogsdill

Even though the Roman empire ended nearly 2000 years ago, we are still being influenced by their thoughts and ideals in many areas in our modern society. The use of complex road systems, arches, and bridges all originated from the Romans. In the USA and in other parts of the world, many governmental buildings resemble roman architecture. Their style of architecture is still valued and used in many homes as well. When I was young, my mom had a number of decorative roman esc columns around the house. Another similarity I see is the use of games in order to keep the people at ease. While there are some differences, looking at our modern sports stadiums, it is clear that we have, like the Romans, glorified the place that sport ought play in society. The Roman language, Latin, has also had a tremendous impact on a plethora of languages, including English. Many of the root words in English are, in fact, Latin. Also, the English alphabet is based off of the Latin alphabet. The reach and impact of Roman culture on western culture is wide reaching. Rome has paved the way for western civilization.