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Miranda Jackovich

Throughout this semester we have learned how art has evolved with humans. With the earliest form of art in prehistory, votive figures were used as a teaching tool. As civilizations became more complex, art was used for multiple reasons. People began to use art in innovative ways to influence society. Propaganda starts to emerge as leaders find the need to persuade the growing public in support of their decisions. ‘The Arch of Constantine’ (312-315 CE) is a example of how art can be used to influence the public’s view of a leader. Arches were used to celebrate military conquest that relied on taxes from the people. Constantine’s arch took other artwork from the “Good’ emperors to incorporate into his own monument. This helps Constantine tie in his ruling with some of Rome’s best leaders, but in the process alters the pieces original meaning. As new nations rise it becomes crucial for leaders such as Constantine to use propaganda to gain support. With new factors contributing to art, its use and purpose continues to become more complex in the same way humans are.