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Lacey Miller

SARCOPHAGUS OF LARTH TETNIES AND THANCHVIL TARNAI along with CERVETERI SARCOPHAGUS both show male/female couples. Though it is simply a representation of the living couples, I cant help but to have this idea of value placed on women in regards to the Etruscan art. They seem to show women by their side, rather than at their feet as servants.
Additionally, CAPITOLINE SHE-WOLF depicts a female form of power. Though animalistic and viewed as nervous and slightly malnourished she is still providing the nourishment needed for Romulus and Remus. It is an understanding and a great show of the role of a woman.
Also, knowing that women commissioned art, shows us that the culture was a step ahead in recognizing a woman’s ability and worth. This differs from the other cultures that we’ve looked at, where women were merely a fixture.