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I think Hellenistic art definitely deferred from the popular perfect proportions of the classical period. It showed a broader range of human bodies, and age ranges of those figures. The sleeping cupid, the older women are examples out of the ordinary, no perfect or ideal body is shown in these pieces. Another huge difference that I see, is motion. A lot of the pieces in the Hellenistic era seem to be in motion or showing an action, the Pergamon struggling against death, the Laocoon and his sons in agony as they are attacked by the snake sent from the gods. Even the Aphrodite of Melos, while it closely resembles a piece that would be found in the classical period, the artist added a twist in her body, showing movement. SO I think it can be regarded as more individualistic than the classical era because it focus deeply on the movement or actions of one person, and it is more diverse because it does not simply focus on the young, muscular men, or the young sensual women, it shows the gods, children, young and old people, a very diverse range.