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Miranda Jackovich

For thousands of years, humans have been evolving not just with technology but styles and body standards as well. During the classical period in Greek culture, they went through massive growth due to conflicts and influences of cultures. ‘The Polykleitos’ Spear Bearer (Doryphoros)’ 450-440 BCE displayed Polykleitos of Argos ideal human body shape. For the size of the ideal man was exactly seven heads tall, with a wider built. ‘The Lysippos’ Man Scraping Himself’ 350-310 BCE is eight heads tall, giving a longer and leaner body type. In a span of a hundred years the standard of men changed drastically; today you can see this even more intensified. Just ten-twenty years ago the ‘ideal’ women was thin and lengthy vs an hourglass/natural figure currently. This does vary through space and time, and every individual is different. Although humans have always had the habit to group and share common ideals and standards, this goes as far back to the classical period in the Greek culture.