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Bob Hook

I enjoyed all the definitions of humanism that are out there. One I particularly liked is from a YouTube video titled Humanism Introduction Part 1 that featured many poets, scientists, writers, and philosophers presenting their thoughts on humanism. One that stood out to me was from Zoe Margolis, writer, and journalist, who stated “we can be decent human beings who love and support and help each other and not expect a fantasy to fulfill our hopes and dreams in this life’. This means that we accept more responsibilities for our lives and do not rely on gods to bring us fortune or fame. We begin to accept the world for what it is and we are free to enjoy nature and our personal activities that bring us joy and freedom.
This is reflected in early Greek art as it is not solely dedicated to religion and religious leaders. Funerary kraters were often decorated with scenes from the individual’s life including aspects of farming or a warrior’s life. There were also Homeric influences that can be found in everyday objects, poems, and literature. These served to celebrate the lives and adventures of men and woman. Certainly, the gods had their roles still but individuals living a “good life’ were also worthy of note.