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Celina Batchelder

While there is no definitive written record to support these theories, the Minoan culture was seen as a more peaceful society in comparison to the Mycenaean culture based on the artifacts and architecture left behind. The Minoan culture was lavish in superb, beautiful buildings. In Mycenaean architecture, it appears that the building were created with a more protective characteristic. It was also noted that Mycenaean culture had a lot more weapons, such as swords, around its excavation sites. There are pivotal differences in each culture’s art as well; Minoan art seemed to have a more relaxed content and symbolism to it, representative of wild life and things of beauty whereas the Mycenaean culture had art that was composed of protection and subtle warnings. While this does not prove for a fact that Mycenaean culture was more constantly engaged in conflict, it does somewhat suggest that they participated in battle more than the peaceful Minoan culture.