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Minoan and the Mycenaean had many similarities. But I focused more on the artwork of the Minoan culture. Their artwork depicts wealth. They had a fascination with bulls. It was believed the Thunder god had turned himself into gentle white bull. Bulls also represented fertility. Looking back at the artwork is incredible. The detail they had on females was surprising. Some even had wavy hair and red lips. The Minoan art work seemed more realistic then the Mycenaeans. The Mycenaeans had a way of over doing some things. There was evidence of languages that were found on dry clay. These became known as Linear A & Linear B. Linear B is actually the language Homer wrote his novels in.
Minoan built the Knossos which as a depiction of a bull on it. It seems they lived a peaceful lifestyle this could be due to culture or the fact the may of had fleets protecting the coast line.
However when it comes to the Mycenaean’s they were more war oriented in their art work with actual solders on it. They construction their living arrangements so they could monitor fellow enemy’s. There artwork was more elaborate in a unusual way.
There was a decline in the Minoan civilization this is believed to be caused by a volcano that killed thousands and destroyed much land. Affecting the trading routes as well as. On the plus side it helped to preserve what we know today to be fine art.