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Tamara Toy

One manner that the rulers of Mesopotamia showed their power was to represent the relationship between the rulers and the gods. The Stele of Naram-Sin shows Naram-Sin as being larger than anyone else on the stele, his presence being imposing, and that he is closest to the gods, due to being the highest person on the stele. He has claimed the divine right to rule, suggesting he was chosen by the gods, themselves. Naram-Sin showed strength in his victory, which would honor the gods. This would place Naram-Sin as the go-between of the people and the gods, which would make him a tool of the gods and creating self-importance.
These sites are used in more modern political issues by trying to align themselves with the ancient rulers of Mesopotamia. Saddam Hussien’s attempt to rebuild Babylon and the Ishtar Gate shows he was trying to place his rule of Iraq in the same category as Babylon. This could also be used as a means to legitimize his rule by stating that Hussien was chosen by the gods. This would be important, especially given the political scene at the time, to assert his gods-given right to rule.