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Lacey Miller

How did the rulers of different Mesopotamian cultures visually show their power and legitimize their right to rule? Use examples.
Much of the art of this time and proximity, directly represented its rulers. If not by simply being a portrait or stand-alone sculpture, like HEAD OF AN AKKADIAN RULER, than in images depicting superiority, or god-appointed power. A good example of this is STELE OF NARAM-SIN, where the ruler is not only at the top of the piece, but also adorned with a horned helmet representing his godliness.
Additionally, great architectural pieces were commissioned by the rulers to show their superiority.
The visual expressions of power are still tampered with in the modern day, I suppose to keep their symbolism of power and importance alive. The Nanna Ziggurat, for example, had been partially reconstructed by Saddam Hussein in the 80s. I believe that to be a testament to his own idea of divine appointment as a leader.