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Jessi Willeto

RE: Kaitlyn
Ah yes, I forgot to mention that in my post, glad you pointed it out– that they are used as teaching tools. It was a way to pass down their culture and beliefs. And how wonderful that it is still teaching us to this day! I agree that it was a way to have introspection. A way to compartmentalize their world around them as they perceive it.

RE: Aubri Stogsdill
Like you mentioned that it was used for communication with other people, it makes me wonder if they at all intended for future generations like us to be communicated with. I wonder if they thought about that at all. Oh, I love that you pointed out that we like to recreate what we perceive as beautiful. It’s so true. You can absolutely tell what kind of respect they had in these subjective figurines and sculptures. I enjoyed your response.