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Miranda Jackovich

Part 1:
When searching “What is Art?’ I was given a few examples. “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination’ seemed to be simplified definition to me. Art can be made with emotions; someone doesn’t need to be skilled to create art. “Subjects of study primarily concerned with the processes and products of human creativity and social life, such as languages, literature, and history.’ gives a more complex example of what is art. Arts meaning changes through languages, but the idea of art is found in every language.
Part 2:
The definition I found of Art History says, “Art history is the study of objects of art in their historical development and stylistic contexts, i.e. genre, design, format, and style’ I believe one of the main motivations in why we study the history of art is to make a connection with our past. Different styles of art can help distinguish people and where they came from. Learning about the history of art helps us understand the individuals who created the piece. Giving insight to beliefs, emotions, and thoughts through style and techniques.