Hello everyone and welcome to Week 5 of ART F261X.

Please do the following before 11:59pm, Sunday, October 2nd.

Grant Proposal #1 is also due by 11:59pm, SUNDAY OCTOBER 2ND.

1. Go through the material in the Art of Ancient Greek wing, specifically the GEOMETRIC/ORIENTALIZING PERIOD AND THE ARCHAIC PERIOD.

2. Respond to the discussion questions posted in the Slack channels #week5part1 and #week5part2.   Remember to comment on at least two of your classmate’s responses.

Slack channel #week5part1

  • During the Geometric/Orientalizing period and into the Archaic, Greece experienced a cultural revival as they developed not only their art but their government/politics, religion, warfare, and relations with other nations.  Describe how we see the influences of these developments reflected in their work.  Use examples.

Slack channel #week5part2

  • During the Archaic period we see the emergence of naturalism and later, humanism.  Much of Greek art centers on these two concepts–humanism and naturalism. Do some research on these terms, discuss the terms, and then how the Greeks began to use humanism and/or naturalism in their art. (These concepts are a foundation for the next two sections we will discuss next week).

3. Submit your first Grant Proposal through Canvas.