Hello everyone and welcome to Week 4 of ART F261X.

Please do the following before 11:59pm, Sunday, September 19.

1. Go through the material in the Ancient Egyptian Art wing.

2. Respond to the discussion questions posted in the Slack channels #week4part1 and #week4part2.   Remember to comment on at least two of your classmate’s responses.

Slack channel #week4part1

  • Egypt and Mesopotamia:  Egyptian culture and Mesopotamian culture developed simultaneously but each had different priorities and followed different artistic conventions. Compare and contrast the art created by these two cultures. Use examples when appropriate.

Slack channel #week4part2

  • The Gods of Ancient Egypt: The Ancient Greek historian Herodotus wrote that the Egyptians were the most religious people he had ever come across. How is the relationship between man (and women) and the gods evident in the art that they create?