Hello everyone, and welcome to the first week of ART F261X.

Please do the following before 11:59pm, Sunday, May 28.

1. Watch the Welcome Video.

2. Read through the Syllabus.

3. Register on Slack so that you can post in the discussion forums.   You can find the Slack homepage here.   Click the “Try Slack” button to create an account.   I encourage you to edit your profile and include an avatar.    If you already have a Slack account, you will be able to use your existing login and add our Workspace to your account.

4. Make an introductory video and post it in the Slack channel #introductory-videos.   Instructions for the introductory video are found under Course Documents as are Instructions for posting in the Discussion Forum.   Respond at least twice to your fellow student’s videos.

5. Go through the material in the Prehistoric wing.

6. Respond to the following forums on Slack:

Slack channel #week1part1

  • Please share an experience that you have had with visual culture and what it meant to you. Visual culture can include the so-called high arts of painting, sculpture, or architecture but it can also refer to popular media like TV or cinema, illustrations, ads, or even the graphs in a scientific paper.

Slack channel #week1part2