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      I was so amazed at the similarities between the Mesopotamia and current times. It was not just enough to have the priest other people had desires to become kings. That reminds me of our current government. Now you have this set of politicians over here on this side of the fence an another leaning the other way. Another way it really reminded and astonished me was the evolution of weaponry and the need to continue with military tactics. Everything was handled with a iron fist there were no peaceful points that were mentioned anywhere. The desire to fight for land, kingship, power, religion, etc continues till this day. I loved how they incorporated the gods more and more as time pasted. I had a great appreciation for the elaborate detailed vases from the Urk era. I observed how each culture was always built on the culture before it. The way it became known as the “cradle of civilization” doesn’t surprise me they evolved from creation a language to incredible weapons. The interesting part was about how the kings thrived on the title but all got killed off in the end. The fact women were not allowed to get a education unless they were considered upper class still amazes me but its similar to those who cant continue their educations beyond high school now a days because they cant afford it. Over 3000 years Mesopotamia has had many cultures and the artwork from what I have seen so far is exquisite.

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