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These stained glass windows in churches was to enhance the lighting and beauty of the insides of churches. It was also to symbolism and tell the narrative stories of Christ to its viewers. In Gothic churches it was to replace the thick dark walls of Romanesque cathedrals to thin towering walls of colors. I also read that some of the colors in stained glass windows having a meaning behind them. Like the color red represents the blood of Christ, blue represents the sky, green is for the color of grass and nature, violet symbolizes love, truth, and passion, white represents purity, black is tied to death and regeneration, yellow symbolizes power, divinity, and glory, purple symbolizes suffering and endurance, gray is a symbol of humility and mourning, brown is the symbol of spiritual of death and renunciation of worldly things and will the Rainbow is to symbolizes union and God’s covenant with humanity. It amazes me how they use all these colors to tell a story and draw the attention of people from all walks of life rather they are a believer or not, theses stained glass windows where put in place to draw the attention and tell a story as the sun light shines in making the beauty enhance.