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Bob Hook

I think that some of the rich and nobility sanctioned religion in ways that not only glorified God but glorified themselves. The Book of Hours is an excellent example of the disparity between what the wealthy used and what the lay people had. A religious text that was used to develop a prayer sequence. Thousands of these books were created from 1250 until 1700. The prayers and prayer sequence began with praise for the Virgin Mary and eventually was known as the Hours of the Virgin. Patrons could have the basic model or if they wanted could expand upon the illustration. Supporters were found who wanted to not only support their own religious activities but demonstrate their wealth. It is easy to understand how these economic factors drove the creation of more ornate plates and fonts. They often included images of the family and embellished favorite psalms or saints of the church. The nobility could take great comfort in knowing that their names and efforts were associated with Holy works and words.