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Sam Saccomen

Due to the belief that the world would end in 1000, pilgrimages took over during the Romanesque period. Large quantities of various people started to move from church to church traveling mile after mile. The main reason for the start of the pilgrimage was to become closer to God and ensure their spots in heaven. These churches were open for people of all class and allowed large masses of people to join them in their services. People enjoyed making these pilgrimages because they got to travel, save their souls, and finally socialize. Many people were use to being segregated by class in their community and pilgrimages gave them the opportunity to be equal among those around them and gave them the option to socialize. During the Romanesque period churches started making aisles twice as big to allow these individuals to move freely throughout the church without interrupting the Mass. These pilgrimages brought lots of revenue for the churches and many believe this was the many reasoning for opening these churches along the way. The design change was very effective and gave the church a system to go by so that all individuals could learn about religion.