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Miranda Johansson

Pilgrimage during the Romanesque period was important because it displayed a belief in salvation and a longing for saving and even sometimes a cure of illness. Many people would go on pilgrimages because it was encouraged as something that would increase chances of salvation. Other would go on a pilgrimage in hopes of being cured of an illness. A pilgrimage was an act of belief, one would separate one’s self from their normal day to day surroundings in order to fully focus on God and His meaning. This was a way of seeking closeness spiritually and cleanse one’s self of sins.

Churches would accommodate this to pilgrims through a layout that helped regulate the traffic and flow of people walking through the church and having shrines for worship set on the side for individuals who wished to visit these. Artwork and objects were also displayed in a way were they were easy to see from many angles, to accommodate many people walking through and trying to visit and see the art/objects.