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Miranda Johansson

A great example is the The Tympanum of the Last Judgment on Church of Saint-Foy, in France. This speaks of what will happen to all individuals after death, pending their salvation. I can imagine that this imagery was effective in speaking the message of salvation, and encouraging people to repent. Another interesting thing about the layout of the church itself is the cruciform plan, where the building takes form of the cross. Another example of this cruciform plan is the Abbey of Notre-Dame, Fontenay. Although this church is interesting, instead of using artwork to inspire and tell biblical tales, this one is almost void of ornamental designs and images. This is because Bernard of Clairvaux felt that it would distract the monks from being able to carry out their religious duties.

A work of art that I believe had an important role in telling stories was the HILDEGARD OF BINGEN’S LIBER SCIVIAS. There is a book (read BRICK) containing the visions of Saint Hildegard. But this artwork instead speaks the visions in a plain way that one does not need to literate to understand.

All in all, I believe that the imagery, design, and layout of churches during this time were intended for inspiration and telling the tale of salvation through Christ in a simple way that many could understand.