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Bob Hook

I think the imagery depicted at the entry portal at the Church in Conques, France is a perfect example of the essence of the Bible in a non-literary format. It is scenes from the Last Judgement carved in marble in the semi-circular area above the entrance called the tympanum. Christ is passing judgment on all of us, the living and the dead. The hand of God is above him and below are the Saints and other members of the Holy Family. To his left are those souls on the way to the eternal happiness of heaven and on the right on those souls heading for the chaos of hell.
Interestingly enough there are few guidelines for how to live a righteous life, but there are details of what gets you into hell. Gluttony is out along with being wealthy or having committed suicide by hanging. The images are grotesque, and the demons are many. Satan is also depicted and is even seated on a throne passing out judgment and sentences. The illiterate pilgrim would have no problem determining the lifestyle to avoid to prevent eternal damnation.