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Aubri Stogsdill

It was a widely held belief that going on a pilgrimage would cause believers to have favor with God and help them to have a better chance of getting into heaven. These pilgrimages took individuals of all economic status on long natural and spiritual journeys. The goal was for the individual to visit various different churches and experience relics. Relics were items that held significant value to the people because of the items’ religious affiliation. Many of the churches has a cruciform plan that helped to direct the pilgrims through the building in an orderly fashion. At the end of the church would be a apse that directed the people back around and out of the building. While I am sure that these pilgrimages would have been significant to the individuals who took them, it is clear that the church took advance of these people. Pilgrimages generated a lot of revenue for churches and for the cities the churches were in.