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Miranda Johansson

I feel like the second commandment was taken very literally when Iconoclasts became concerned about the role of icons in people’s lives. I think that these images and painting were meant for communication and inspiration, to teach people about Biblical people and values, and to inspire them to be the same way. It is indeed odd that many of these icons gained such reverence that it was like people worshipped them, even prayed to them. But I can see how that happens! Even today, we tend to place people who are considered successful onto a pedestal that makes them seem more than human. That is probably why icons became worshipped, because people would respect and sought after their traits in hopes of being better people themselves.

I don’t think that taking things to the extent that they did during the Iconoclasm was completely necessary. There was so much destroyed during this time, it is kind of sad that we cannot see the artwork today. But even though I think it was drastic to burn so many icons to avoid breaking the second commandment, I do understand the perspective of this act.