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Miranda Johansson

I noticed this when looking at the CHURCH OF SANTA SABINA, and reflected on the steeples and vaulted ceilings. This reminded me of Roman or Greek temples a lot. I even thought that the coins were interesting, even though they do not depict a certain emperor, the fact that they would have inscribing on them and a symbol of sorts seemed very Roman.

Something that definitely reminded me of Greek and Roman art is the THE GOOD SHEPHERD. This statue has typical likings of other statues that have been seen, especially because the boy looks so relaxed and in the middle of doing something. It is not posed at all, it is very “in the moment.”

It is interesting to me that the Romans and Greeks had such prominent influences on the Early Christian and Jewish people. It does however seem as if the Early Christian art has more synchretism than the Jewish art does. This makes sense to me, since the Early Christians were basically a combination of converted Jews, Romans, and Greeks. In order to be able to communicate to their peers, they probably made artwork to speak about this new religion in a way that seemed familiar to their friends.