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Miranda Jackovich

One thing to bring into the discussion is that before Constantine’s ruling those who were practicing Judaism and Christianity had to hide their beliefs because it was illegal in Rome. ‘Arch of the Covenant and Menorahs’ in the Jewish Catacombs in Rome was a hiding place that they could practice and bury their dead in secret. The lack of specialization within the freso suggests that the piece was done by an amateur but regardless represents the desire to create a place of worship. It’s also important to tie in what we have learned this semester about transitioning cultures. The Romans are an extension of Etruscan and Greek culture as is Judaism and Christianity. ‘The Zodiac Mosaic’ at the Beit Alpha Synagogue blends two beliefs that is a transition of Judaism before it blossomed into a new artform, culture, and religion. Art is interpreted in many different ways and can hold multiple meanings. One individual could see the imagery as false idols, while another could see it as a representation of their beliefs. In this circumstance the imagery didn’t depict any one thing as a God leaving wiggle room for an individual to worship before either religion could unify to practice their beliefs out of hiding.