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Guy Gaswint

In the Classical period artists tried to represent ideal proportion in both the human body and in temple building. How does the art of the period demonstrate changing views on ideal proportion and how do you see this same preoccupation in our own contemporary society?

Ideal proportions became important during the classical period and have continued to present. I do feel that ideal proportions have changed and continue to change based on society. Someone mentioned today’s models as an example, I agree, but I also feel like society is in a period of shifting ideals and the ideal proportions are in a state of flux. I say this because today society appears to be more focused on health over looks, people are eating healthier which will effect their proportions. Another key element in the classical period was to capture emotion and sexuality, I feel like today’s society is broadening its acceptance of sexuality. I believe that although we may be naturally preoccupied with proportion as artists, in today’s society it is more likely to be accepted when proportions are intentionally askew.