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Kaylyn Kelly

I can see both of the sides of the argument when talking about the Hellenistic era. It can either be progressive or it can be regressive. The opinion can be up to any individual though. It is how your perspective is whether it be positive or negative. I believe Hellenistic art to be progressive though instead of regressive. This greek art focused on a more realistic image of the human form. Babies, children, older women, older men, and a lot of gods were in the prime focus of the era. These statues took on a very relaxed and realistic form and also the way the statues were positioned was relaxed and casual. It focused on more day to day things. This was a shift from older Greek art and a shift into a new era which started to move away from looking like a god and having no imperfections. The Hellenistic era focused on humans as a whole, our imperfections, and also portrayed us in a relaxed manner portraying our real lives.