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Women’s role during the Etruscans Period was a lot different from those before. If you would take a look at the art in the Etruscans Wing you can see that a woman’s role meant just as much as man’s role. It seemed more to me that men and women in the era was considered equal. Where as other eras women was acknowledged but never seen to be equal and was never seen in the same paintings or sculptures as men. Take the Cerveteri Sarcophagus sculpture for an example you see that the man is happy to show his woman off and have no problem with it. The are both smiling and seem to be very happy as well. It also showed in my opinion that the man is making a statement saying that this queen is below me however she is in titled to stay or sit right next to me. Also in the Novios Plautios’ Ficoroni Cistalso piece you can see that the woman looks as she is betrayed as the ruler and she have men staying by her side to hold her up and protect her if anything should happen. Through out this Wing it shows that women are just there to be in the role of a wife or a mother, but she is just as important as the men and actually have a frim place at the top.