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Aalieyah Creach

Compared to what we have seen with the other cultures we have studied its as if the role of the women has become equal if not more respected in the art work. For example int eh Cerveteri Sarcophagus it is a sculpture of a husband an wife lounging on a a dinning couch. The wife is leaning against her husband and you can instantly see the happiness on both their faces and their hair is well done. As you step back and look closer at the wife you can see that she is well dressed and has nice pointed shoes on which helps depict the fashion of the women in the Etruscan time period. Where as when you gave upon the husband you see he is barefoot and has what looks like he has clothing that may not be as elegant as his wife’s. It also shows that he is barefoot, I think this shows some symbolic meaning of how much he cherished his wife and wanted the best he could give her in my opinion.