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Aalieyah Creach

In my opinion I feel that both sides of the arguments can be seen as progression in the Hellenistic art era. Compared to most of the work in the Ancient Greek period we start to see more details and and facial features as well as the meaning behind the creation of the piece. For example the, ‘Sleeping Eros’ sculpture is of a young boy sleeping. They gave the some information about how he was a companion of Venus he became known as cupid because he could be both young and beautiful. You see that in the sculpture of the Sleeping Eros because when you look at it they were able to capture the humanistic features of what could be seen as a beautiful young boy. Even though he had wings and that could be seen as supernatural it still weighed more on the realism of the boy and the structure of his face and body in my opinion. Not to mention the calm feeling you get as you see him laying there peacefully sleeping.