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In the Hellenistic art, we did start to see a lot more women in pieces and they were no longer just youthful women, they had aged women as well. In the Etruscan wing, we see even more depictions of women than we had previously, and they’re shown in ways that were seen as “offensive’ by Greeks. In the Cerveteri Sarcophagus, we saw a man and woman socializing with each other in a relaxed manner. We also see a huge difference between previous cultures and the Etruscan in the Sarcophagus of Larth Tetnies and Thanchvil Tarnai. This funerary piece seems to show a husband and wife in a much more intimate way that we haven’t been able to see previously. Generally, in the other cultures we’ve studied, women are always at least a step behind the men and they’re always shown as pretty rigid around each other. Rather than continuing to place men above or before women, we now see them as equal to one another where they can freely interact with each other.