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Bob Hook

I see the Hellenistic period of art as more of a broadening and deepening of the idealistic creations of the Greek Classical period. Two examples come to mind. The first is the statue of The Old Woman. The artist’s initial intent has been lost over time. We are not certain if she is a zealot of Dionysus, ravaged by the years of devotion to drink and pleasure or is she simply an image of an elderly woman. My point is that she is neither a god nor a noble but instead is a depiction of a member of their society. There is now art that depicts everyday life. A progression in the subject matter at the very least.
The Venus de Milo is another example of the transition from Classic Greek to a Hellenistic creation. The statue carries the grandeur of the Classical Greek form yet it has been improved upon. Venus de Milo has a spiral stance the enhances the realism of the image. The draping of her clothes builds expectation and excitement. Overall, I think there was a definite progression to a new art form called Hellenistic that we both admire and copy to this day.