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Laura Barber

Hellenistic art began to move away from the classical period and create art of normal people, thus signaling a progression of Greek humanist values. They placed more emphasis on regular humans rather than gods and goddesses. For instance, The Old Woman is not art of a beautiful young maiden or goddess, but rather of an old woman with wrinkles and imperfections.
On the other hand, I understand how the period could be seen as a regression of these humanist values. There is still an abundance of artwork portraying gods and goddesses, and although some of them are displayed in more artistically complex poses, this only furthers their image as superior beings to humans. Laocoön and His Sons presents a struggle between man and a vicious snake, but that man is still a priest, a servant to the gods. This further elevates the gods, rather than emphasizing the importance of humans.
Both sides have valid arguments, but I still see how the period had progressed humanism further, despite not completely moving away from the culture’s religious roots.