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I think the classical period was time when artists suddenly wanted their art to be more realistic. This is where perfect proportion comes into the picture, or at least what they considered to be perfect. This is represented in the precise, muscular details of the statues, great attention was paid to getting the proportions of the nude body just right. another example is the height, for more than one piece of art it is mentioned to be exactly 7 heads tall, when an artist deviated from this perfect idealized proportion it was actually a detail people noticed and talked about. I think this notion of perfect proportion is still very alive in art and definitely people today. After all, how many five foot tall super models do you see on magazines or tv? It is expected that a super model be at least a certain height, usually around 5’9. There are also all kinds of lengths a person could go to achieve the “perfect” proportion now a days, from simple makeup, false eyelash type things, to surgical procedures. SO yes the idea of perfect proportions from the classical time in Greece is still very much a part of our modern world.