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Sam Saccomen

In the Classical period artists tried to represent ideal proportion in both the human body and in temple building. How does the art of the period demonstrate changing views on ideal proportion and how do you see this same preoccupation in our own contemporary society?

In the classical period the human body became the main focus in their art. So much of their art had great detail of both men and women bodies in their sculptures. I think the purpose of these sculptures was to idolize the human form and portray how powerful the human body looks. The sculptures I believe were important for their culture, however I believe that just as in todays world the “perfect” body is always idolized this could possibly be what the Greeks were trying to do because most of the sculptures were slim and fit, which sort of makes me believe the Greeks created a perfect image for both the female and male form. Just as in society today I could image the pressure to live up to the “perfect” body image that these sculptures portrayed. Today people are pressured by social media and reality tv to meet all these images people are constantly idolizing, so many technological advances such as hair coloring, microblading eyebrows, to fake eyelash extensions and hair extensions, and the ability to alter parts of your body by making your waist small or belly.