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Kaylyn Kelly

The Classical period dealt with contrapposto and ‘silver ratio’ designs, but the Hellenistic era started to move on to a broader representation of both humans and gods. In the Hellenistic period, human perfection started to change and free form began. As you can see when looking at the ancient sculpture “SLEEPING EROS’, the sculpture does not have a perfect body shape like during the Classical period and the god is laying down. The bronze sculpture, “DYING GALLIC TRUMPETER’ did not have large muscles and other shapings like the Classical period. Each sculpture created in the Hellenistic period was different and provides the era its diversity and individualism. The Hellenistic period did not just show the same human forms over and over again. It showed young children, middle-aged men, on up to old women and in free form. The artists formed the sculptures in real life events instead of contrapposto. The art in the Hellenistic period compared to the Classical period also had so much more emotions in the sculptures and in their poses.