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The introduction of contrapposto into ancient greek art marked an evolution of ideal structure and opened the door to an even wider variety of poses, body structures, and ideal forms as well as lifelike detail. The ideal form for men through this time remained trimmed and muscular, though through the classical period it experienced a shift from a stockier build to one of more elongated and lean stature. In temples, proportion was heavily involved, especially with columns as seen in the Parthenon with its 4-9 ratio. While the influence proportion had on temples and architecture didn’t change much, the ideal for the human body through sculptures evolved, and has continued to do so into the modern day, though the medium through which this is portrayed is typically in media and achieved through digital alterations to living people. Architecture in modern day has many forms, from a wide variety of places, and the ratios observed in classical Greece are still used today, though typically in political buildings and quite a few mausoleums. What people hold as ideal will always change, be it new physiological ideals for people or new architectural designs.