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Laura Barber

Art of this period focuses less on gods and goddesses and more on individual people. Works such as The Old Woman don’t represent an idealized version of a person, focusing instead upon the harshness of aging and the toll that a long life takes on a person. This woman may have been a follower of Dionysus, and the partying shows in her age. Sleeping Eros depicts Eros (god of love) while asleep, turning away from images of strong, unbeatable gods and towards more human images.
This range of subject matter in the Hellenistic art provides the era its diversity and individualism. How the human body was formed in Classical art
was more evolved than past eras, but Hellenistic art advanced the style and became more free form, as since in The Old Woman and Sleeping Eros. The bodies’ movement is more natural, free-flowing, and creative.