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Bob Hook

Hellenistic art is certainly broader in the subject matter it covers when compared to the Classical Greek period. We still have the study of the human body but the area of study includes individuals, babies, and an elderly woman. The characters depicted have characteristics unique to their individual bodies. The baby, cherub, Sleeping Eros is displayed with skin that is rounded and smooth, like that of a baby. His expressions duplicate those of a child sleeping. The class material states that it was created by a Greek sculptor and reproduced in many variations. “So many variations that we believe it was one of the most popular motifs in ancient times.’ It is also mentioned that at the end of the Hellenistic period Greek civilization was conquered by Romans. It describes how Greek sculptors were utilized to produce art for the Romans. This would have certainly diversified the Hellenistic art form across the Mediterranean. Artists may have been based in the Hellenistic form and structure but the art form was modified by the use of different artistic materials, artistic interpretations, and cultures. There is no longer a central theme based only upon religion and the gods. There is a new ideal established, based upon the human form.