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Lucas Warthen

In the Classical Period we see the introduction of contrapposto in sculptures and painted art, presented a more dynamic and ‘perfect’ interpretation of the human. Not only did the ideal posture in sculpting become this, but an ideal person started to have strong musculature (which is still an idea upheld by people in today’s society). Almost every body of the sculptures of the classical period are the same; nude and idealized musculature. The only thing that changes between the sculptures are the faces.

In temple building the ‘ideal proportion’ is much less direct. A majority of the structures are built in similar proportions (sometimes referred to as the ‘silver ratio’) and looks (open front with columns arranged).

These sculptures, architecture, and art all represent change because they are what brought about the major changes in art of the time – moving away from awkward profiles and proportions to a realistic and ideal representation of the human.