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When it comes to “who owns the past” there are several great points form both sides. For example the “Olympia” c750 BCE museum of art is displayed in the museum of art in New York. How or better yet why is it being displayed half way around the world. Some could argue it should have remained in its city or origin while others argue it should be on display for the US to be exposed to. In the argument of who owns the past, In my opinion the art should remain where it was discovered. There is history behind it that needs to or sometimes can’t be explained. To discover fine art and claim it is just not right to me. Art isn’t something you can call dibs on. If you take a trip to the Metropolitan museum of art you can see artwork of Greek artist from 500 years prior. Why is that acceptable. People should allow art to remain part of the culture it was created in. That was a part of a era that made a impact and continues to make impressions on people around the world. But it should remain where it was discovered. There is no rights to be declared when it comes to artwork. There could be spiritual means behind the art work. It’s kind of like someone 200 years from now excavating a close family member and moving there body’s half way around the world because they find the coffins remarkable. To excavate artifacts is one thing but to put them on display no where near where they were discovered just does not sit right with me. There are no rights to be owned by the past in my opinion. Whatever is discovered in this day and age should remain on the homeland it was discovered on end of story. To stake claim in something so beautiful as the bronze statues or the beauty found on simple things such as urns is just not right to me.