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Aalieyah Creach

I personally believe that artifacts shouldn’t belong to anyone, rather they should stay in the country or region that they were found in or be sent to where it had originated if known. That way the art piece gets to stay within the area of which it was made. It is a whole different story if the artist sold their art piece and it ends up wherever it goes, then that person owns it in the sense of a possession. For example vase of Exekias Amphora with Ajax and Achilles playing a games is placed in a museum where it is being preserved, however, they managed to obtain the artifact doesn’t mean they own the past or the creation of it. They own it as a piece they get to show off to the individuals who want to gaze at Ancient Greece masterpieces. As they gaze they know in their minds that the artifact isn’t something that can be claimed as the museums own. They have it to show the world where it originated and who possibly created it.