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Aalieyah Creach

Humanism is a system focused on the importance of humans rather than the supernatural matters. In the art of Ancient Greece it was used to show the embodiment of beauty even through war and death. For instance in the Geometric Period had vases that would show show family members mourning over a lost loved one. However, the bodies were drawn with simple shapes such as triangles and circles with a dot to represent the eyes. Then when we got into the Archaic Period you can see the dimensions and the in depth features come to life. Something that stuck out to me was the smiles that were represented on the faces of the young woman and man. It was stated that the smile was to represent that of well-being rather than just happiness. Even for fallen warriors they were sculpted with smiles on their faces to show vitality and strength because it was an honor to have fought. Humanism is a focus on the importance of humans, but the Gods also were said to have human weakness and emotions. Giving them that connection to humans that praised them and allowed them to empathize with the humans in my opinion.