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Kaylyn Kelly

Sir Arthur Evans and Heinrich Schliemann both went into their discoveries with a preconceived opinion that was not based on reason or their actual experiences. Heinrich Schliemann discovered “The Mask of Agamemnon’. Schliemann was considered an amateur archaeologist.
He announced his finding as the funerary mask supposedly placed over the Mycenean king Agamemnon. Schliemann did not truly know this. It was just a publicity stunt. Once found and uncovered the mask did not fit Schliemann’s standards so he altered “The Mask of Agamemnon’. Schiemann over restored this mask and made it more attractive to 19th-century sensibilities.
Unlike Schilemann, Sir Arthur Evans did not alter his discovery of the “Snake Goddesses’. Evans found the “Snake Goddess’ without a head and half of her left arm. So instead of adding things to the sculpture he simply recreated what he thought should have been in its place to look similar.
These two archaeologists altered their discoveries which makes it difficult for our generation of archaeologists to examine. Because of Evans and Schliemann not having proper archaeologist etiquette, it allows the archaeologist field which we have now to grow and develop ways to avoid their practices.