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In one of the sources on the Snake Goddess, they mention outright that Sir Arthur Evans went into Knossos saying that there was a mother goddess the Minoans worshipped and conveniently found a little figurine of a “goddess’. Heinrich Schliemann had likely altered the Mask of Agamemnon’s mustache and claimed it was Agamemnon’s funerary mask, although the burial site and time frames don’t match up. The two weren’t very gentle with their explorations and discoveries with the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures as they went in with specific ideas of things they wanted to find and somehow managed to come out with them. Their findings seem to emphasize the need for caution when it comes to accepting conclusions archaeologists may have with newer findings. Artwork needs to be fairly consistent throughout the time period to prove that it was made by the old civilizations rather than recreated to fit what a modern-day discoverer thought it might look like.