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Maggie May

There are many examples of how Heinrich Schliemann and Sir Arthur Evans allowed their own personal biases, agendas, and pre-conceived ideas and desires to affect their work. Although we know now that the Mask of Agamemnon was most likely altered by Heinrich Schliemann, it does not negate the damage done by him to a historic artifact in an effort to promote his own desire to have found the mask of Agamemnon. The same is true for the Palace at Knossos, which Sir Arthur Evans damaged with his attempts to “restore” it. Not only did he promote incorrect ideas with no factual or evidential basis, but spread misinformation as a way to make his discoveries more exciting. The same is true for the snake goddess, which might not actually be a goddess at all.
Their conclusions have been at times wildly inaccurate and harmful to historical artifacts and locations.